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<S B T> lyrics by SMK

Verse 1:

I admitted that sometimes I take my jobs so serious which make me upset and frustrated

If I can learn to let go, to let go my dreams and passions, it could be free

Let them burn with fire, let them sink into the sea, oh set me free

**Oh set me free, oh set me free


Free from this heavily weighed body and metal little taps

Free from this unchanged body and breakable bones

Free from this materialised and name-tagged world

Oh set me fee, oh set me free


Verse 2:

In this painful arc I couldn't be strong I can't take control, they just come and go as they want

They knock the door and I will be gone

Only thing I could do is to enjoy my breath, inhale and exhale until they stopped


We are so short in small of trees

We are so shallow in front of ocean

We are so short in front of the sky

We are nothing but a piece of mud

So take your breath deep, inhale and exhale until you feel your force

The energy from life and no more forgone **


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