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Tap Dance Glossary 【踢躂舞字典】(constant update)


1 Single Sound:




·Toe Knock (tip of the tap shoe)

·Brush (in any direction)











2 "Double" Sounds:



·Scuffle (dig, brush)

·Grab off (pick up on one leg/pull switch)

·Ball Change

·Step Heel

·Dig Tap (penguin)

·Gallop (skipping)

·Brush Step (spank step)

3 "Triple" Sounds:

·Shuffle Step (hop/spring)

·Dig Brush Step (scuffle step)

·Pull Flap (one leg/switch leg)

·Wing (both feet/one feet)

·Drawbacks (single. double, triple)

·Slurps (open/close)

·Bombershay (step brush dig)

·Riff Walk (3-8beats)

4 Sounds:

·Paddle and Roll

·Cramp Roll (single, double, triple)

·Buffalo (single, double, triple)

·Shuffle Pull Switch

·Back Essence (single double triple)

·Crawl (heel heel toe toe to one direction)

5 Sounds:

·Maxie Ford (step shuffle spring toe)

·Drop Shuffle Pull Switch

·Waltz Clog (step shuffle ball change)

6 Sounds:

·Shuffle Grab Off Flap

·Shuffle Grab Off Switch Toe Knock Heel



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