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When is your first time teaching yoga class??

Back in 2015, when I finished my yoga teacher training RYT-200 with Barefoot Yoga from USA conducted by Mei and Robert. Since then I start teaching yoga until now.

It is always good to practice teaching, I am glad to let my colleagues practice at my studio. Yoga is union and about love. We need a safe and supportive environment to make mistakes and accept who we are.

The more more we practice the more we understand what we needed! Let's begin our yoga journey!

"Anthony is a great teacher not only for tapping, but he truly has the knowledge of a person's anatomy and the exercises we did in class is remarkable.

After stretching in a class that I brought my granddaughter (10yr old) to, both of our legs felt so light and we walked out of the class so airy and effortless. An experience that still stay strong in our minds.

I can't wait to go back for stretching and tapping!"

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