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Tap Dance Performance Wood board (流動踢躂舞木板租借服務)


開業於2013年,教室除了孕育本地的學生外,還有來自世界各地不同地方的學員包括:英國,法國,美國,波士頓,澳洲,巴西,瑞士,上海,日本及台灣等等。我們致力於釋放同學的潛能及學習更正確的技巧,讓他們打好基礎去打開未來之門。 立即與我們預約或了解更多!

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I remember when I was little, mum showed me a video about a kind of dance, it's called Tap Dance. Mum asked me if I was interested in it. I thought tap dancing is very cool, so I told Mum that I want to learn tap dancing. I went to HKAPA to learn it. I found that tap dancing is indeed cool, although it's a bit hard, I still like it. I found it's hard because there are so many steps to learn.
 When there was no more tap lessons at HKAPA, I found another tap dance teacher. His name is Anthony.
 Anthony is a very good teacher. He made things easier than before. He taught me new steps and now I am a very good tap dancer! Anthony is the best teacher I have ever seen. I hope I can be a tap dance teacher one day!! 

踢躂舞課堂內容包括: 百老匯風格 | 爵士舞 | 古典舞碼 | 音樂訓練 | 網上授課|即興


瑜伽課堂內容: 哈達 | 流動 | 柔和伸展 | 冥想|修復

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City U Tap Dance Workshop 2023
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踢躂舞舞步示範影片 - 推動香港旅遊業

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